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Canon imagePROGRAF iPF780 / 785 available as printer only, or as a full function MFP (with scan and copy)

The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF780 / 785 36-inch large format printer builds on Canon’s award winning line of 5-color printers.

Both includes: a new flat stacker basket, and a password protected interface lock. 

These new features add to this already versatile print solution which is designed to meet the speed and precision requirements of the technical document market. The integrated stacker basket provides the capability to neatly stack up to twenty-24 x 36 inch plain paper prints.

The newly designed flat stacker basket increases the productivity of these already feature laden printers by providing the capability to neatly stack up to twenty 24 x 36 inch plain paper prints. The stacking option can be enabled or disabled depending on user preference. The increased hard drive capacity on the iPF785 streamlines the printing workflow by bearing the processing workload on the printer to increase overall print processing times. A new interface lock system enhances the security functions on the printer and provides an option for administrative control to determine who has access to the printer. New inks are available in 130ml and 300ml sizes.


Canon iPF780 / iPF785

The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF780 36-inch large format printer builds on Canon’s award winning line of 5-color printers, and provides enhancements in both hardware, and software capabilities. The iPF780 device is capable of producing an Arch D (24” x 36”) print in up to 21 seconds using Economy mode, and an Arch E (33.1” x 46.8”) print in up to 41 seconds! The printer has the capability of accommodating 300ml ink tanks, geared towards lowering the cost per print. The included Sub-ink tank system allows for users to use all of the ink in the tank before replacing, while also replacing the empty ink tanks on-the-fly without having to stop a job mid-print and sacrifice print quality.

From a software perspective, the iPF780 printer comes loaded with user-friendly software solutions that are ready to be used right out of the box. Direct Print & Share, Canon’s cloud-based portal solution1, is available as a download and allows for files to be uploaded, downloaded, shared and printed from almost anywhere in the world! Also downloadable is a mobile printing app, imagePROGRAF Print Utility2, allows for PDFs to be printed through use of an Apple© iPad©. The Accounting Manager software allows users to track job costs, while the Print Plug-in for Microsoft Office enables for documents created with Word, Excel or Powerpoint to be printed in large format. And to improve versatility, the iPF780 printer has a Media Configuration Tool which allows customers to optimally utilize their Canon-branded media in creating their desired output.

Spec Sheet

24″ Canon iPF605 – auto cuts from roll feed, just like all the bigger plotters

The iPF605 is a our least expensive plotter. It is available with or without a stand, and can plot a 24″x36″ sheet in about 30 seconds.

Canon iPF8400 – 44″ wide, Stunning color

Built for ultra high quality imaging and exceptional performance, the imagePROGRAF iPF8400 44-inch large format printer is equipped with an array of professional features. The re-formulated 12-color LUCIA pigment ink system increases the achievable color gamut by approximately 20% from the previous imagePROGRAF 12-color series, enabling over 90% coverage of PANTONE colors. A large 80GB hard drive, sub-ink tank system, Gigabit Ethernet support and Accounting Manager feature make this a premier solution for the fine art, photography and proofing markets.

To fully utilize on the dynamic color range of the LUCIA EX ink set, a high-precision printing mode delivers quality a step above the previously available highest quality mode. And with the Print Plug-in for Photoshop, now with support for Adobe CMM, users can process images in 16-bit. For more control over the final output, the Media Configuration Tool expands on the array of media options, allowing users to input profiles for third party media. By combining these technological achievements, the imagePROGRAF iPF8300 achieves consistently breathtaking, durable and long lasting prints.

Many of the same features are also available in a space saving 24” capacity imagePROGRAF iPF6400 and 6450

Here is what a recent customer who purchased an iPF6300 to replace an Epson had to say:

“As time goes by, I’m becoming more and more impressed with my Canon iPF6300. It makes life so much easier—not to mention more affordable.

Hope everything goes well for you. Your initial recommendation and your continued support have been very valuable. I heartily recommend you and your company as well as the Canon printers.”

“I’m still learning some of the features of the iPF6300, but the basic ones have worked quite well. This is the first time I’ve believed it was possible to get printed images (on matte paper) that match the monitor images—taking into account the fact that the monitor uses transmitted light and the prints use reflected light. Even so the fidelity is incredible. An even bigger relief has been that I was able to get away from the metamerism that has dogged me for 10 years. Your recommendation was invaluable. At the time you made it, I was trying to decide between HP and Canon, with some reluctant looks at the Epsons. Both the performance of my printer and the additional reviews I’ve run across recently have confirmed my feeling that the Canon was the best choice of all.

Judging from the Accounting report on the jobs I’ve run, the Canon uses ink sparingly in addition to all its other attributes.”

Howard S.

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